25 years ago, three alien-looking, blue creatures took the stage for the first time in New York. The Blue Man Group has come a long way since their first performance in 1991 at the Astor Place Theater. The three-man show is now a cultural phenomenon playing in over 8 cities worldwide; but what have Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink done to keep the show running successfully for a quarter of a century? The answer is innovation, tech and consistency.

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Since 1991, the Blue Man Group has performed in over 15 countries in front of 35 million people. The show uses a mix of tech, music, comedy, social satire, audience participation, and visual effects. The idea has always been the same, but the elements have evolved throughout the years. According to the show creators, unlike other Broadway shows, Blue Man Group is always evolving. They keep the most traditional sketches such as marshmallow throwing, tube percussion, and colored drums; but constantly change the pop culture and tech references because these are very hard to keep current.

BMGWhile Goldman, Stanton and Wink may be considered theatrical performers; they are outstanding musicians. Not too many people know that they recently released their third studio album, Three; in fact, a quick search in Apple Music shows more than ten albums (between singles, EPs and full length albums) and dozens of songs. The troupe has also collaborated with world-class musicians such as Dave Matthews and Tiësto. It’s not a mystery that music is the key element in the show. According to Wink, in an interview for Billboard, many genres and artists such as Pink Floyd, alternative 1980’s rock, world music, Latin drumming, and sounds that eventually evolved into EDM influenced the group. Just like the material in the show, the music has changed throughout the years.

If you haven’t seen the show, I highly recommend it; not only will you have a great time but you will also experience an evolution of New York’s music scene.


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