We are truly lucky and proud to welcome to the team Kristian Diaz. A software and electric engineer based in Miami, now joining Stereotheque as our CTO and technical lead. Serendipity works in its own ways, and while we use it as one of our key value propositions, we are living it. And Kristian’s addition to the team is nothing more than the perfect example of serendipity. Examples like these have happened in multiple occasions throughout history, as explained in Where Good Ideas Come From by Steve Johnson. He says about these so-called “Liquid networks”, the places and moments of serendipity when innovation occurs: “[it’s] where you have lots of different ideas that are together, different backgrounds, different interests, jostling with each other, bouncing off each other — that environment is, in fact, the environment that leads to innovation.” The coffee places where the brightest minds used to hang out were the starting point where creative conspiracies began and mankind’s greatest inventions came to be. Pure, raw serendipity. Great addition to the team indeed.

Remote work: A bright look into the future

At Stereotheque, while we are mainly based in NY, we decided early on that we should be free to choose where to live, as long as our objectives and motivation to work on what we love could be priority. Taking inspiration on the culture of companies such as Buffer and Zapier, we are confident our long-term culture will also be benefited from the opportunities that working remotely can offer. Besides, 2.5 billion people in the world have internet access. Statistically speaking, the chances that the best person for us to hire for any position is among the 0.023 billion people in the New York metro area is unlikely, according to Colin Nederkoorn’s blog post.
Working remotely and where you feel happy. Photo credit: 15Five
Working remotely and where you feel happy. Photo credit: 15Five
After studying in places like New York, Miami and Bogota, and traveling around some of the most diverse regions including Southeast Asia and Central America, we’ve seen how arts and technology along with clever design can aid the process of being a creative entrepreneur. The fact that we share the same background but have had different experiences in our lifetimes, will definitely help our process in defining innovation the Stereotheque way, something I look very much forward to.

Inspiration and tools

Our society is an ever-evolving kind. Where its global citizens abide by rules, break others and adapt to the changing environment. Cleverly, young people are those who are making a dent in history. Taking new ways to develop ideas and business or rallying up to defend their own principles. We often take inspiration from people like them. Take TailorBrands.com for instance. By using a clever design algorithm, they are helping thousands of small business owners get a branding strategy with logos and visual identity in just minutes. Or take a more veteran startup called Buffer App. A social media aggregator startup that shares absolutely everything they do: from their salary formula to blog posts about their seed round and investor pool.
Stereotheque and Trello

Frankly, something we truly admire deeply from them is that Buffer is a remote company. Yes. Remote. As in people all over the world, communicating through Slack or other apps, working efficiently from places they are living in or passing through, and generating a ton of revenue. Very much like Buffer, we are too in remote places. More specifically in New York, Boston and Miami, with business partners in Chicago and Bogota. We find advantages and occasionally we might find some disadvantages to it. We’ll make sure to document our process in this blog and discover more creative ways to overcome challenges and embrace them while building up an incredible company. Another great company that has done amazing work with their product but for this purposes, has served as inspiration for Stereotheque, is Zapier. Aside of providing a great product, they have managed to grow their company up to more than 30 full time employees, spread out in multiple different time zones, and driving an impecable content marketing strategy. Also along the lines of what Buffer does with their transparency blog and content.

Creativity needs something else, a helping hand if you will. Which is why for the purposes of the company, we began using Trello. Critically acclaimed, this project management collaboration tool for teams has been great to organize the diverse areas of work within our company. For instance, product development, editorial management for this blog and communications, and even internal structures and organizational charts. We are using on a daily basis Slack as well, to keep on top of things without spamming each others’ inboxes.

If you have any other creative tools or are in similar remote-startup situation, please do share your thoughts and feedback.

Tomas Uribe

Tomas Uribe is the Co-founder and CEO of Stereotheque. Composer, bass player and front-end designer and engineer. Also a die-hard fan of Nine Inch Nails.

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